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children's books

Lorraine is also an Award Winning children's book illustrator and LOVES to bring author's stories to life!

She is currently accepting new projects for 2023 and would LOVE to connect with you!

Do YOU have a dream to bring to life?

Mixed Up Misty


Misty is a sweet little pooch who loves the human life!

From start to finish - this book is a collection of her adventurers and what fun she brings to her owners life! A lot of fun and musical parts as well! Fully illustrated and wonderful imagery, this book is sure to make you smile!

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Miss Claire Has Lost Her Flair


Miss Claire is a teacher who delights and inspires her students with dazzling pizazz and a huge heaping of love. Her classroom is a rainbow-coloured world, full of music, laughter and ideas. Until one day, it wasn’t for Miss Claire mysteriously loses her flair. 


Fun, lively and surprising, this ode to teachers everywhere is bound to open your eyes and your hearts. It might even help 

you find your flair! 

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Miss Claire Teacher Extraordinaire


Miss Claire has done it again! The beloved teacher with oodles of flair takes us on a classroom adventure in this relatable rhyming tale. Miss Claire’s school world is vibrant, fun-filled, and brimming with sparkle. Her students thrive as a team and shine like all the colours of a rainbow. A truly fun read and amazing illustrations - along with a hardcover format - make this an amazing gift for that special someone on your list!

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